Placing an Item on Layaway
In order to place an eligible item on layaway, begin by checking out and selecting the layaway option. We will then contact you to ask you how you would like to proceed. For eligible items, we offer 30- and 60-day layaways. Both require a 30% deposit. As a service to our consignors, they choose which layaway options will be available for their items. If an item has been on the site for 15 days without selling, all layaway options will then be available.

For the 30 day layaway, the balance will be due by day 30. For items on 60 day layaway, another 30% of the total is due on day 30 and the balance on day 60. We send out layaway reminders usually on the Wednesday before the week your payment is due.  You may call us with your credit card at 248-251-0025 or email us to be sent an invoice. We do not keep credit cards on file, nor do we bill automatically.  Any layaway can be completed early by paying in full and we will then ship it immediately.

Out of fairness to both our customers and consignors, we will only keep items on hold for 24 hours without a deposit. The layaway period begins on the date that an item is placed on hold. Layaway returns are treated as a return (not as a cancellation, see our return policy for details). Also note that credits earned from a canceled layaway may not be used as a layaway deposit. For each layaway, a new deposit is required. Please note that we may change layaway terms on specific items or for special offers. We reserve the right to deny layaway to anyone or everyone.

(Please note that Affirm financing is not compatible with our AFF layaway program. It is for outright purchases only.)

Layaway Extension
After a layaway has begun, occasionally things happen and we are asked to extend a layaway. If we agree to the change on this ongoing layaway, there will be an additional 10% extended layaway charge based on the total price of the item, minus shipping and taxes. This charge will be added onto the total price of the item and will be non-refundable.

Layaway Cancellation
If a layaway is cancelled, we will issue all funds paid towards it as a store credit - minus 10% of the total cost of the item. The 10% cancellation fee is non-refundable and will not become a store credit. Store credits resulting from a cancelled layaway may not be used as a layaway deposit. For each layaway, a new deposit will be required.

Layaway Returns
Items placed on layaway can only be returned for store credit, minus shipping fees and a 10% restocking fee.