Whether you're looking for that Holy Grail bag or you're ready to say goodbye to some cherished designer goods that you're simply no longer in love with, you can rely on Ann's Fabulous Finds as a worry-free, reliable source for buying or selling high-end designer items!

The story of Ann's Fabulous Finds is the story of Ann herself and her longstanding love of designer goods and accessories. She first started collecting designer bags in her early 20's, while traveling and living in Europe. Even though she was on a shoestring budget, it was not uncommon for her to devote her food budget to bags. Once in Florence, she spent an entire week's food budget on a Fendi wallet. In her mid 20's, she started traveling to shows, where she bought and sold antique jewelry. It wasn't long before she brought her love and knowledge of designer handbags and accessories into the mix, when AFF was born!

Because the staff at Ann's Fabulous Finds loves and cares about designer goods, we put extra care into every item we handle. And because we're experts in the field, we guarantee the authenticity of every piece as well. Buying a pre-owned designer piece should be a safe and easy process, and we take out all of the guesswork, assuring you that the items will be the real deal, and exactly as described.

If you're parting with a piece because your style has changed or your closet is full, we'll treat you and your items with courtesy and care, and help you get the most for your high-end designer goods. We love the fashion world, and we want everyone else to as well. This is why we work to bring every piece on our site to its new happy home - so we can share the love!

If you have any questions about any of the items on our site, please do get in touch with us. We get to see, feel and smell each and every item we sell. And we want to put our expertise and passion to work for you!