Hermès Rouge Tomette Wool Rocabar Bride à Brac PM


Call me a clutch, call me a vanity case, or call me an Hermès Rouge Tomette Wool Rocabar Bride à Brac PM because that’s what I am! This Bride à Brac actually looks like a bag insert but it can stand on its own as a handbag itself. Made of red-and-white striped fabric, it has a front face featuring a giveaway embroidered H and the zippered top opens to chevron-fabric lining with three internal pockets. It is detailed with a contrasting-colored band that acts as a handle with a 1.75-inch drop that unsnaps for easy access to the zipper. New and never worn, it comes with a box. Rocabar, a striped wool fabric mixed with polyester, is inspired by the equestrian world’s traditional horse blanket, originally in saffron-colored wool with red and blue stripes, but now made in many color combinations, such as this one!


Product ID: HR.X0219.08
Measurements/Size: 8.25”W x 6.5”H x 4.5”D
Condition: New/Like New