Hermès La Source de Pégase Finesse Mousseline Shawl 140cm


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Hermès’ La Source de Pégase Finesse Mousseline Shawl is a lovely look as well as a lesson in Greek mythology! Made of sheer, lightweight 100% silk chiffon in rose malabar and rouge, it features the winged horse Pegasus striking a hoof to the ground to create the spring known as Hippocrene on Mount Helicon in Greece, where the nine Muses come to drink. In very good condition with a box and tag, there are small runs and pulls, as well as some small marks concentrated at the edges. Designed by Pierre Marie, it’s a magical accessory to wear on a flight of fancy!


Product ID: HR.S0401.06
Measurements/Size: 55” x 55”
Condition: Very Good