Hermès Gold Epsom Silk'in Mini Coin Case



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There’s a surprise inside this white-stitched Hermès Gold Epsom Silk'in Mini Coin Case—a silk lining! The palladium three-quarters zipper opens to a lining in "Panoplie Equestre"-printed silk twill in pink, white, and black. There are no pockets but the gusseted sides allow for a good-sized coin collection or set of keys. In excellent condition from 2018 (C stamp), it comes with a box and has wear on the zipper pull. The Silk’in collection is like getting two creations in one—a fabulous leather item plus a little bit of a silk scarf print!


Product ID: HR.R0925.14

3.2”W x 3.2”H x 0.5”D

Condition: Excellent