Hermès Extra Wide Black Clic-Clac Bracelet PM


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This stunning Hermès cuff originally was called the H Bracelet but it has become known as the Clic-Clac because of the sound it makes when taking it off and putting it on! In black enamel, it is trimmed and lined in gleaming gold-tone metal with the swiveling H clasp also in gold tone. This designer size PM fits smaller due to its 36-millimeter width but slips on easily because of its hinged bottom. In excellent condition, it has partial plastic with a few small marks on the covered parts. It takes up a statement-making portion of your wrist and forearm, but that doesn’t mean stacking is out of the question. It’s your wrist, your Hermès!


Product ID: HR.Q1114.07
Measurements/Size: Wrist circumference equal to or less than 6.2"
Condition: Excellent