Hermès Promenades de Paris Silk Scarf 70cm


Hermès Promenades de Paris Scarf was designed by Philippe Ledoux and depicts people from back in the day out for a stroll or carriage ride on the streets of Paris! In 100% silk with a bright colorway of rouge, fuchsia, and gris, this square of silk is bordered by four famous sites—Les Tuileries, Les Invalides, Le Palais-Royal, and Les Champs Elysées. In very good condition, it comes with a box, tag, a run toward the bottom, and a very faint perfume smell. This wearable work of art is a frameable map for your next sightseeing tour of Paris!


Product ID: HR.P0802.12
Measurements/Size: 26.5” x 26.5”
Condition: Very Good