Hermès La Marche du Zambèze Silk Scarf 90cm


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A fanciful elephant takes center stage on this Hermès La Marche du Zambèze 100% silk scarf in blue, red and brown! Designed by Ardmore Artists based in South Africa, it features flora and fauna along the Zambezi that include two large giraffes, two alligators, parts of a zebra and leopard, the central giant elephant, and one baby elephant (or at least one that is smaller in scale). In excellent condition, it comes with a box and a small run near one of the alligators. Wear this bright square of silk as a headband, neck scarf, belt, even a halter top. If you’ve exhausted those ideas, it shouldn’t be too hard to find an Hermès Knotting Card to explore other options!

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35” x 35”