Hermès Giant Patch Silk Shawl 140cm


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“Patched together” never had a more upscale connotation than in this 100% silk Hermès Giant Patch Shawl! Four 90-centimeter silk scarves with various themes—Golfballs (arranged to form a giant H), Jockey (with jockey hats throughout), Circus (with big cats and acrobats), and Gaucho (with equestrian accessories)—have been sewn together to form this 52-inch square. It’s in very good condition with a box, tag, and a few runs, some from the nature of how it was sewn together. This riot of color with blue, gold, white, and browns predominating is large enough to wrap around the shoulders and waist in addition to the neck and head—it’s like getting four Hermès scarves in one!

Product ID: HR.P0313.09
Measurements/Size: 52" x 52"
Very Good